Logs & Timber

At Superior Hardwoods we realize our success starts in the forest! 

For us, our forest management operation begins with the forest landowner. Virtually all of the lumber we sell originates from timber grown by private landowners.

Our timber harvesting programs are diverse and can be adapted to a variety of forest management goals. Our forest management includes selective harvesting techniques whereby only the mature, over-mature, overcrowded, diseased, dying and poorly formed trees are removed. By selecting the proper trees, our forest management experts leave a more productive and higher quality timber stand for future generations.

The partnership between the forester and the landowner continues throughout the entire forest management process including:

  • Planning
  • Harvesting
  • Restoration

This is our forest management commitment to our most valuable asset — you, the forest landowner.

Superior Hardwoods purchases hardwood veneer logs and saw logs from loggers and landowners year round!

We have developed lumber and log markets throughout the United States and internationally so that we can offer loggers and landowners the best possible price for their logs.

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